Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I've Got A Blog Y'all

Oh My God!

Hi everyone, for those of you who don't know me, my name is Collins Greenley.

I am originally from New Hampshire and was raised here. I currently live right now in New Hampshire.

I am a substitute host on a cable access show that reviews new shows on Broadway. It is awesome.

I love theater and stuff and things of that nature.

I have seen over 25 Broadway shows. Five of those shows were Rent and four of them were Wicked.

I LOVE musicals. (YAY!)

I also have to see plays. (boo)

I will be doing this blog so that other theatre lovers who are not near new york can know and find out about all of the stuff and things and junk that is out there.

On my last trip to new york i saw a musical called Legally Blonde, the Musical. It was a musical! YAY! It was awesome. Oh my God, you guys. The songs were amazing. I especially liked the opening number which is called Oh My God You Guys. It was like they were talking to me. That is totally something i would say.

The cast is amazing perspecially Lauren Belle Bundy and Chirstrian Berle. He is married to Sutton Foster. Oh my God.

I like the part where they sang.

You should see this play, perspecially if you are into dogs.

I am not into dogs because when i was younger my aunt marian was attacked while taking a walk by a golden retriever. It is ALWAYS a good idea to carry a stick with you while you are near dogs. Perspecially ones that are vicious and mean like Feather was. She was mean.

There were a lot of commercials in this play.

I learned a lot of important lessons from this show that i will remember for the rest of my life. One is that college in musicals are easier than real life. I was enrolled breifly at Mount Cranmore Community College and it was very hard and there was no singing allowed. AT ALL.

Also, i learned that just because things are advertised in musicals doesn't mean they work. is a TOTAL RIPOFF. And they won't give you your money back if there is no one in your community who matches your profile. I called them to ask and they said that i had very high expectations. I am looking for someone who is shorter than me (4'10") and who weighs more than me (221.5) and is in to musical theatre and lives within 5 miles of me. We are the 26th most populated state. Come on people IT'S NOT THAT HARD!

Anyway, my point is that Legally Blonde is awesome and you should see it. But if you do not like dogs, you will still like the play because the dogs aren't in it that much and they do NOT try to lick your face. I think they should put signs up before you go to your seat so that you don't worry. "Dogs will be used in this play and they will NOT lick your face"

Next week I am going to see Spring Awakenings. It got a Tony award for best musical. I don't know anyone who is in it, but they swear a lot. Oh my God.

Well, we'll see how it goes and, surprise it to say I will tell you all about it next week.

See you at the TKTS line!